• Shapeshifter Set

Shapeshifter Set

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Our Shapeshifter set is for taming redness, irritation, blemishes, and excess oil. It contains a full-sized Virga and Nine Herbs Charm, both rich in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients. 

Combining water and oil is a highly effective way of getting your skin everything it needs - hydration (water) and moisturization (oil). This combination gives skin the effect of a cream without the added emulsifiers and waxes. 

Combine Nine Herbs Charm and Virga in the palm of your hand by mixing 3-4 drops of oil with 2-3 sprays of Virga. Pat into skin and enjoy the glow. Alternatively, you can mist your face liberally with Virga and then follow immediately with Nine Herbs Charm while skin is still damp. Play around with it to discover what feels good for you! 

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